Thanks for stopping by. Now that you’re here, I might as well tell you… you’ll never leave! That’s because I just installed a cookie on your computer that will bring you to this site EVERY TIME you open your web browser. There’s nothing you can do now, so live with it. Anyway….this is the most exciting place on the web!

There are so many amazing activities for you to partake in on my website, including checking out the “Events” page. You might have to scroll forward to the year 2056, but trust me, you’ll find me playing in a neighborhood near you between now and then (as long as you live within 5 miles of me.)

Also, don’t forget to check out the merchandise page. You can buy things like CDs and bags of lint from my dryer I’ve been saving over the past few years.

Anyone that wants to learn how to play the saxophone should check out my “LESSONS” page. I promise you, I actually know a thing or two about the sax, from how to assemble one to becoming the superstar saxophonist you’ve always dreamed of being.




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